People usually start businesses to do something they love, to make earning a living feel less like work. They run their businesses from the heart, gut or sometimes from the seat of their pants.

Conscious Accounts exists to help business owners transition from intuition to action by providing the information and guidance required to make decisions.

Much like how a tracker can tell the movements of an animal by signs a novice would never notice, a skilled accountant can develop an accurate story of a business just by looking at its accounts, providing insights that the business owners themselves may have looked straight past.

Bookkeeping and accounting is an ancient tradition that developed from symbols and figurines to the double entry system still used today, continually evolving with language and technology. It’s more than tax.  Financial information is about awareness and the ability to make better decisions.

Conscious Accounts is focused on providing services tailored for small businesses, startups and individuals, inhabiting the space between a traditional bookkeeper and accountant. Providing the meat and potatoes of bookkeeping and accounting while focusing on providing awareness through, candid discussions, training and reporting.